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Real Estate Advisory Services, San Francisco
I advise businesses, developers, lenders and high net-worth individuals in finding solutions to real estate problems throughout California and across the western states. If you have a situation which merits professional attention, I invite you to contact me.

Real Estate Consulting Services
business property  corporate property foreclose foreclosure Strategic planning for underperforming, surplus and foreclosed / REO properties
develop developer zoning entitlements Development management, entitlement and value enhancement
due-diligence investigation Acquisition analysis and due diligence for development projects and investment properties
audit management audits prudent prudence valuation studies study analyses confidential assignments investments financial consultant Performance audits

Expertise in Rural Land Economics
timberlands remote acreage Douglas fir Sierras Sierra Nevada mountains Commercial timberland, with focus on the Northern California coastal redwood region and the Sierra Nevadas
water wildlife forest forestland lake lakefront river riverfront Land with environmental value, including waterfront properties and land with sensitive habitat; conservation easements
Recognizing the Influence of Urban Pressure on Rural Land

Other Real Estate Services
acquisitions replacement property searches licensed real estate broker Fee-based acquisition of real estate, including IRC § 1031 exchange properties (click here for current search parameters)
attorney attorneys legal support expert witness dispute Litigation support; assistance in resolving real property disputes
receiverships appointment trust trusts fiduciary fiduciaries Fiduciary, receiver, receivership
partnerships, corporations companies lender Access to debt and equity capital

California will experience damaging earthquakes in the future, and I am committed to on-going efforts to promote seismic safety within the state. Click here to view an article I wrote on the status of San Francisco's efforts to mitigate earthquake risks.

“A Passion for Good Real Estate Decisions”
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John C. Paxton Real Estate Consultant
Consultants to corporate real estate departments
Developer zoning and entitlements; land use
San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma County, Mendocino County
Commercial Real Estate Advisor